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Your Competition Envies.
Build a more profitable and efficient business. 
Have more time to live the life you want.
Isn’t it time you start consistently making more money, while working less hours?
Even the best commercial real estate brokers experience a plateau. What they did in the past doesn’t seem to work anymore. Working countless hours each week doesn’t make a difference either; it just makes you more tired for less money. 

Frenzy is the common state of existence for most brokers. There is a high level of action that results in a low level of output. We’ve seen it before, and we realize this is an incredibly frustrating position. As an experienced professional in this industry, it shouldn’t be this hard to be successful.
There must be 
a better way, 
Sometimes it feels like you’re living the transaction treadmill; you fear that stepping off, even if for just a moment, will cause the income to stop. Not only is this frustrating, it’s just not sustainable. Working so many hours prevents you from living the life you want, being the spouse and parent you desire, and pursuing the goals you’ve set. Every day you look in the mirror and realize you aren’t who you want to be.

You deserve something better.
What if you had...
A coach dedicated to your growth
A stronger, more efficient team
A better 
A clearer plan 
for daily success
A proven path 
toward a better business model
Grow your business. Change your life.
Enroll in CRE 125 today.

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CRE 125 is right for you

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Success Path
As a member of our premium coaching service, you and your team will learn the tactics and strategies necessary for a successful business. Your coach guides you through the critical pillars of a strong commercial real estate practice and holds you accountable throughout the process. 

And as a member of our most exclusive offering, your entire team benefits from your membership. We help you build the infrastructure required to support your sustained growth. Aligning everyone on your team around our proven strategies energizes the office, creates greater focus, and grows your business.
This Could Be Your Story
I could not have picked a better coaching organization. My Massimo Group coach is unbelievably awesome! He has helped me completely revamp my business. I am admittedly old school - learned in the 90s. I never prospected because I didn’t have to. My coach shares with me new approaches and holds me accountable. The coaching has exceeded my expectations by 1000%.
David Mudge
Lee & Associates, Riverside, CA
I have substantially increased my income each year I have worked with the Massimo Group. If you are not using the Massimo Group, you are leaving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, in commissions on the table.
Bob Knakal, Chairman
Cushman & Wakefield, New York
Without the Massimo Group coaching team, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This year I have earned nearly 6 times than I did last year and still have a full pipeline with even more quality opportunities.
Stasiu S. Geleszinski
Apartment Advisors, Cincinnati
CRE 125 Curriculum
Prework Module
Before we can design a program for your future business, we must secure a thorough understanding of your current practices and market position. Through a series of diagnostic exercises, we obtain a clear starting point for which to build upon.
Minimum 4 sessions
This module is where you start. As we like to say, “you must set the base before you can break through the ceiling.” You and your coach will review all your pre-work so that your coach truly understands you and your business and is in a position to help you achieve optimal growth.
Key Outcomes:

Huge dose of self-awareness

Clarity on the top 2-3 Success Levers that will drive your business

An instant snapshot on the health of your business with the Pipeline Tool

Weekly goals to track and the platform to do it on

Minimum 4 sessions
Time can’t be managed. It can’t be controlled. It simply keeps going. The key is to maximize productivity as time passes. This module unpacks our proprietary system to do just that.
Key Outcomes:

A clear understanding of how you spendyour time now

How much you are worth - or needs to be worth to hit your income goal

A step-by-step system that uses time-blocking and your calendar to ensure the most important tasks are accomplished...and delegate much of the rest

Minimum 5 sessions
The days of mass calling as a shotgun approach to prospecting are over. This prospecting module shows a better way - a laser-focused method to pursuing the business you want with your ideal prospects.
Key Outcomes:

A razor-sharp Value Proposition that allows you to communicate the value you bring to the table in various ways according to the needs of the prospect

A keen understanding of your perfect prospect (avatar) to include their biggest struggles, pain points, and stressors

A strategic and proven prospecting system that takes the guess work out of who to call, how often to call, and what to say

CRM/database best practices

Minimum 7 sessions
This module gets into the finer points of prospecting: setting up prospect calls; nailing your opening statement; and handling the different directions calls can take.
Key Outcomes:

A prospect letter that increases the hit ratio of prospecting calls

An opening statement that earns the rest of the call

A plan for each of the 5 directions a call can take

A way to get the prospect to reveal their greatest needs with our method of questioning

A playbook to understand the interests of your perfect prospects and the shareholders and stakeholders who influence them

A system to maintain, develop, and expand your relationships with your current and inactive clients

Minimum 5 sessions
It isn’t who you know, but who knows you. Moreover, it is who knows you are an absolute Market Expert. This module enables the you to grow your presence to top-of-mind status by executing the principles of the Massimo Presence Pyramid.
Key Outcomes:

A system to pursue relationships with the top influencers, connectors, and prospects in your market 

Implementation of the best physical marketing piece

Understanding of the importance of digital presence and how to put it to use

A comprehensive marketing calendar to aid in delegation and execution

Minimum 5 sessions
Very little gives more confidence to prospecting and presence building systems than knowing when you earn the right to make winning presentations, you will absolutely nail it. This module will get you in position to win.
Key Outcomes:

Implement a proven approach for creating a winning presentation

Leverage Massimo’s Presentation Planner that will put focus on your prospect and grab their attention

Apply Massimo’s Meeting Planner to dig deeper into the drivers of the decision maker to differentiate yourself from your competition

Secure Closing Techniques to provide the tools to successfully ask and secure any opportunity

Minimum 5 sessions
Nothing has more of an impact on your business than building or restructuring a team to maximize strengths while minimizing weaknesses. This module shows you exactly how to grow, structure, and manage your team.
Key Outcomes:

Clarity on what tasks you should do and what should be delegated

Creation of a job description for additional team member(s)

Recruiting and hiring best practices for your first/next team member 

Team operating agreement that defines roles, growth, and expectations 

Exclusive to CRE 125

AVA - Natural Behavior Assessment

Ensuring we know what makes you tick and how to coach you to maximize your results during our time together. 

Just In Time Access to Your Personal Coach

In addition to the formal coaching calls, you can connect with your coach to address any timely needs.

Admin Accelerator Coaching Program™

Once you complete the Productivity Module, we will coach your Admin through our tools so they can better leverage your time and become more valuable to your growth.

Personal Massimo Member Concierge

To assist you with any issues within our program and work with our team to support your business growth.

Massimo Member Marketing Program

Currently in beta testing, we are exploring channels to market our CRE 125 members and create leads.

Monthly Executive Team Reviews

Monthly internal team meetings to review your adherence and progress with the program.

Discounts on Live Massimo Summits/Events

Proprietary Technology and Tools to Keep You Consistently Moving Forward
The Massimobile™ platform is your repository of all the vital elements of your program. Massimobile™ features include our customized goal identification and key metric recording, exercise, worksheet and video library, proprietary pipeline tracking and your coach communication channel. 

Ultimately, Massimobile™ provides you 24/7 access to your commercial real estate business and the confidence of knowing where you should be focusing your efforts and how to best allocate your time and talents to secure the greatest results from all your hard work. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be in a specific region or industry?
Not at all. We have clients in every major city and industry. We even have a large number of wildly successful new-to-the-business Massimo Members in secondary and tertiary markets.
What is the return on my investment?
We can’t make any guarantees, but here’s what the data tells us: our clients take home about 7 times the amount of average brokers.
I’m busy. Is it worth my time?
There’s one common trait among our top-producing clients: they prioritize their training, coaching, and implementation. They know investing in a better business is a smarter move than working with more frenzy. 
What is my commitment?
Your minimum commitment is 12 months. CRE 125 is designed exclusively for those that are committed to transforming their personal CRE business, securing more confidence, clarity, and personal margin in their lives.
What will I learn?
We show you some of the secrets we’ve discovered coaching top brokers for 10 years. You’ll learn things like:
How to build a stronger, more profitable pipeline consisting of higher quality opportunities 

How to maximize your time to achieve more by working smarter – the best way to grade the health of your pipeline and your business 

How to execute the can’t miss system our top performers use to find and win the business they want 

How to become top-of-mind to the influencers and market-makers 

How to differentiate yourself in your presentations and get in position to win more listings and representation assignments 

How to build a support team that leverages your strengths and allows you to focus on what you enjoy the most 

What top producers are doing right now to stay at the top
Who is the 
Massimo Group?
For nearly 10 years, the Massimo Group has empowered CRE brokers, agents, and advisors of all levels of experience and success to build better businesses with repeatable processes that produce predictable results. 

Our members are located in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets and are affiliated with both national and independent firms. These members discover how to grow their businesses by working less...but better. 

They consistently out-earn their peers by 7 times while having more time in their lives for those things that matter most to them.
If you’re tired of running a haphazard business and drifting in your career; if you want to get off the revenue roller coaster and commit to building a platform of consistent growth while doing so with less effort, then it’s time to enroll in our CRE 125 elite coaching program. Just schedule a call and learn what it takes to reach a new level in your career.
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